Welcome to the World, Princess! 

Oh how I’ve missed blogging! My last blog was dated more than one year ago. What had just happened since then? Here’s my story.

2014. I only have one post for that year. It was a short video about my 25th birthday via Path. Months passed, I haven’t continued writing. Why? Aside from my iPhone’s technical issues which forced me to delete my WordPress app, and I couldn’t retrieve it without reformatting my phone which is so inconvenient. I also discovered by August that I was pregnant with my second baby. Hooray!!! It was the best gift for 2014. Though it was likely a rough pregnancy, I will always be grateful to Allah SWT for that wonderful blessing. I am very much willing to go through that stage all over again. 

About my pregnancy, yeah it was kinda tough, I got irritated most of the time. I was too emotional and moody. I cried a lot also (no wonder my baby cries way too much!). I can’t satisfy myself by just staying home, I always wanted to go somewhere (no wonder my baby is easily annoyed while at the room for long hours. It seems that she loves the outdoor more).  Well I guess my baby’s behavior is based on how I was handling matters while pregnant. I should have laughed more.

April 21, 2015. Our little bundle of joy has arrived. She is truly a beautiful blessing. Alhamdulillah! Now she’s 3 months old. I haven’t posted any pictures of her on social media since she was born because I personally don’t want to expose her, especially because she’s a girl and she’s for our eyes only! 😉 Everyday, his father, his brother, Kakah Haaziq, and I are enjoying her presence in our lives. She is a beauty. She always brighten our days. We truly, dearly love her! 

To our baby girl, Mama and Ama will always do our very best to take care of you and Kakah Haaziq, to provide both of you with a humble lifestyle, to help you in every way we can, and to instill in your hearts the goodness of being a Muslim: the Islamic way. In Shaa Allah! We love you, Indah and Kakah Haaziq! 






My Fashion 2012

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    Happy New Year

    My year end round-up came late. I was sick for almost a week. Does that mean this will gonna be one sick year for me? Sick might mean awesome. Haha! Just being positive here, right?

    I am wishing everyone a blissful and a blessed 2013!!!

    2012 was over. All the things, moments, and experiences I had in that one whole year were amazing. To name some: I started out my beverage business. Been to places I’ve never been; to Tapul, Siasi, Lugus, Bongao and of course places I regularly visit Zamboanga and Manila. My big brother got married last September. I was blessed with another new house in Davao region. And my little rockstar, Haaziq, turned one. Thank you Ya Allah! Alhamdulillah for everything!

    This blog is intended to showcase all my favorite looks and style from 2012. Style can never be perished. As long as you are confident, true, and you believe in yourself nothing could go wrong, and that great sense of individuality will serve you right.

    I believe once, and will forever be!!
    Fashion is me! 20130108-120847.jpg Distinctive attractive colors put together

    20130108-121741.jpgRockin’ the Casual chic look

    20130108-122224.jpgBusiness Casual Elegance

      My Hijab Fashion 2012

    20130108-124804.jpgSkirts = piece of Modesty

    20130108-134505.jpgSimply in Jeans

    20130108-134516.jpgTexture over Patterns


    Red & Black

    20130109-085647.jpgIn Primary Colors


    20130109-133036.jpgTurban style

    20130109-133242.jpgFormal Beauty

    In the world of Fashion, there will always be people who will replicate and fabricate your style, but there’s nothing wrong with that. These people admire you nor you are an inspiration to them. Rather than build grudges with them, it’s much better to thank them. That’s why we post our photos in our finest styles because we wanted to share and to inspire. ❤

    Most importantly, i wanna thank all my readers and followers. You made my 2012 more exciting. I never expected so much views, I am incredibly blessed. I love you all! Happy 2013 everyone!

    *****more styles to come this year!!

    Mickey & Minnie Happily Ever After

    Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last. But because two brave people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and to work for it.

    The Wedding Day!

    Don’t you love weddings? Years back, i was usually one of the bridesmaids, and at times the maid-of-honor. It’s a solemn celebration. The reception is beautifully decorated. Guests are enthusiastically wearing their favorite piece of clothing. The bridal entourage are on their creatively-designed gowns and suits. Finally, the bridal gown — it defines the personality of the bride: How imaginative and innovative a woman can be. For a fashionista like me, I am always longing for the details of the event. After all, you expect the best because it’s a prepared and organized occasion. Right?!

    This time, it’s my brother’s turn..

    September 22, 2012

    The long-wait is so over. It’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse BIG Day!!

    Meet MICKEY20121028-155420.jpg
    20121028-151042.jpgwith the Groom. Minutes before he walked down the aisle .20121028-151524.jpg
    And there he goes.. With the tune of Marry Me by Train for the background music

    Meet MINNIE20121028-152057.jpg20121028-153718.jpgwith the tune of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz while she was walking along the aisle20121028-155025.jpg20121028-155031.jpgHere comes the Bride, all dressed in Champagne White? i love! ❤

    Credits to my ever fabulous and adoring sister, Madame Hji. Arnadel Ynawat-Loong, for this unique and uncustomary bridal gown.

    This gown is just perfect for the bride — classy, extra-ordinary, and one of a kind. Exactly Aynee!


    Meet the Blogger/Fashion & Hijab Stylist
    20121028-161008.jpg Yey! I Love my look.. How i wish i could do this on my own, i know one day, and that’s for sure! 20121028-161245.jpg20121028-161316.jpg
    The “so-me” gown.
    Fabulous. Glamorous. And Rocking the event with this all-sequins bloody red gown, plus that gold belt made it highly-fashionable. 20121028-162219.jpg

    Meet my Handsome and all-Loving King20121028-163229.jpgI am in love with this amazing man.
    A perfect match made in Heaven. 20121028-164523.jpg
    My ideal guy: He is very loving, charming, thoughtful, sweetest, and most of all, he is my husband. I am lucky to have you. Thank you for everything! I love you to infinity and beyond.


    Meet my endearing Prince: the little Me
    My Pride and Joy. He completes me. I love you, son!

    By the way, he is the Coin Bearer.

    The Cutest, Coolest, Most Gorgeous Family everrrrr.

    The greatest gift, Allah SWT, bestowed upon me —my Family.

    Meet the Folks
    20121029-063328.jpgparents of the bride & groom20121029-065906.jpg

    20121029-065916.jpgsisters in red. 💃20121029-063654.jpgwith my dazzling sister, she was not around during the Pagturol Taymah coz she was still in Manila then. By the way, she’s a Doctor, and SINGLE! Hahaha. Peace!20121029-064338.jpgwith Doc Farah & Kah Nadine

    20121029-064806.jpgwith Kah Nadine, one of my confidants. She is a good listener. Stay loving Kah!

    20121029-064830.jpgwith our kiddos, Haaziq and Nazeefah (flower girl)

    20121029-062538.jpgthe Marching Band haha! Bridal Entourage from Ynawat family

    20121029-062516.jpgwith some of the Barako men of the Ynawat clan hihi


    20121029-094531.jpgwith the kindest mother-in-law in the world 🙂


    my pretty niece, Ydexha, one of the flower girls20121029-095249.jpgwith Sulu Representative, Cong. Lady Ann Sahidulla

    To the newly-weds: May you have a fruitful marriage ahead of you. Enjoy each other’s company, every single day. Love love love!!!

    *****more styles to come!