Welcome to the World, Princess! 

Oh how I’ve missed blogging! My last blog was dated more than one year ago. What had just happened since then? Here’s my story.

2014. I only have one post for that year. It was a short video about my 25th birthday via Path. Months passed, I haven’t continued writing. Why? Aside from my iPhone’s technical issues which forced me to delete my WordPress app, and I couldn’t retrieve it without reformatting my phone which is so inconvenient. I also discovered by August that I was pregnant with my second baby. Hooray!!! It was the best gift for 2014. Though it was likely a rough pregnancy, I will always be grateful to Allah SWT for that wonderful blessing. I am very much willing to go through that stage all over again. 

About my pregnancy, yeah it was kinda tough, I got irritated most of the time. I was too emotional and moody. I cried a lot also (no wonder my baby cries way too much!). I can’t satisfy myself by just staying home, I always wanted to go somewhere (no wonder my baby is easily annoyed while at the room for long hours. It seems that she loves the outdoor more).  Well I guess my baby’s behavior is based on how I was handling matters while pregnant. I should have laughed more.

April 21, 2015. Our little bundle of joy has arrived. She is truly a beautiful blessing. Alhamdulillah! Now she’s 3 months old. I haven’t posted any pictures of her on social media since she was born because I personally don’t want to expose her, especially because she’s a girl and she’s for our eyes only! 😉 Everyday, his father, his brother, Kakah Haaziq, and I are enjoying her presence in our lives. She is a beauty. She always brighten our days. We truly, dearly love her! 

To our baby girl, Mama and Ama will always do our very best to take care of you and Kakah Haaziq, to provide both of you with a humble lifestyle, to help you in every way we can, and to instill in your hearts the goodness of being a Muslim: the Islamic way. In Shaa Allah! We love you, Indah and Kakah Haaziq!