A Beautiful Life

20130317-201706.jpgI am such a happy kid. Though, I am a mother to a one-year-old adorable boy, in my heart I am a kid. I have simple and extravagant dreams. I know how to have fun, a lot. I can be crazy and mean. And I know how to appreciate things.

Beautiful days are happening, indeed! Lets take some time to reflect and make the most out of Allah’s blessings.

A beautiful life knows no excuse. I am inspired on how our environment can provide us growth. There’s always productivity in every effort exerted. So, lets celebrate life for what we are called upon. To be good and do good. It may be a simple thought, but I know everyone would agree how difficult it is. But with positive thinking and Allah’s grace, nothing is impossible. I strive for Jannah.


*****more styles to come!!!


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