Sunshine-y Energy

How well do you know yourself? I am the best version of myself. It feels great to be me. Like, a lot of times when people spill out what they hate or dislike about others, without even looking at theirselves. We have our own way of living, and mine’s just one extraordinary. If you think yours is boring and all you do is watch over people’s lives then I guess you have a problem with your own. I have always been positive with everything that has come my way. I suppose that positivity makes me braver in facing life’s challenges.


See how I combine red and yellow into this outfit? Red is a very powerful color, and complementing it is a sunshiny hue which is yellow. These colors create attraction and excitement. Yellow is best worn with dark or lucid cool colors.

The whole look is energetic, cheerful, and soothing to the eyes.

*****more styles to come!


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