Choice of Path


    Hello February! ❤
    Assalamu Alaikum!

I realized that one cannot please everyone. Some people are quick to judge, and what’s worst their judgments are based merely on the externalities. I mean, if you are a good person why would you keep eyeing on the mistakes or wrong deeds of others and making a huge protest out of it. I would be personally convinced if you lower your gaze and pray that these people will realize what wrong they have cause themselves and to others. Let them understand their beliefs on their own.♛


I choose to be happy ☺
I choose to be me!

20130207-102833.jpgSkull shawl 👽👽👽

20130207-102839.jpgmy Salvatore Ferragamo bag

20130207-102807.jpglong skirt from Malaysia

20130207-120249.jpgAlhamdulillah for everything! Life is great! Thank you, Ya Allah SWT.

*****more styles to come!


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