February Delight at Banana beach

Here’s one experience I have to share for today’s blog: A get-away treat for me, my husband and our baby; and for mom and dad. Banana beach is the place to be. Let’s go!

The place is breathtaking. So far, this is the best place to relax away from the city. Although it is situated in Tagum City, it is too far from the City Proper. We had plans of going here but since it’s far we were reluctant. Thank God, my parents came to visit us, so we felt secure and decided to go.


The swimming pool is wide and clean. There is a bar in the middle of it, making it more lively.




My boys were having fun at the swimming pool.






My son doesn’t want to go out of the pool. He swims like a pro. So adorable! He loves to swim like his father. Actually, we love outdoors which is great for relaxing and having fun. We simply love each other’s company. Every day is our bonding day. This is also a trait I truly admire from my husband, he loves to see his family happy and relaxed.




This is us, the trio! 🙂 I can proudly say that my family is full of love. We are happy and at peace with each other. With them in my life, there’s nothing else to ask for. I feel so blessed.

In the photos, my husband and baby were busy swimming while I was busy taking photos of us and this beautiful place.




My mom is a natural model. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She is also a fighter, daring, and spontaneous. My mom is simply the best.

My dad is a busy man. But for his family he will always find (quality) time. I’m a fan of my dad. He is brilliant. How I wish I have his brain and his passion for knowledge.




Went to the beach with this lovely outfit. I only based the colors in one direction, complementing the tones and hues. Orange, golden yellow, and brown create drama in a good way, not too much of different colors combined.

I wore a Bayo top, long skirt from Malaysia, and Havaianas flops.

And don’t forget to wear your favorite sunnies when hitting the beach… 😎


At Night. 🌙




Magnificent scenes.


Me and my baby..

Dinner is served. 🍴


(Above) We had Crispy KangKong, Fried Batter Fish Fingers, Calamares, Grilled Tuna Belly, Seafood Express, and a Chicken soup (I forgot the name of the dish).

(Below) Then halo-halo, and Buko Pandan salad (not in the picture) for dessert.

The place left me speechless. I have nothing to say, So I just wanted to share photos of this strikingly impressive venue.


Giving your mind and body the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate are essential to a sense of health and well-being.


*****more features and styles to come!

Summer Excitement

Summer is fast approaching. Do you have plans? Well, I do not have plans of the places to go and the things to do. But I have plans of chilling out and that’s for sure. I am also longing for an adventure. I want to explore and try new things this summer, InshaAllah! The best things are yet to come, I can feel it. Positivity!

Since I am excited for summer, i’m a bit conscious with colors. Go for bright, and always with comfort.

For this style, I go for warm colors: a combination of canary and peony. It’s totally attractive and appealing.

The outfit is so playful with its colors and textures. I just feel cozy in this garb.


Life without Love is like a Year without Summer

I can’t help but took photos of myself, an obsession 🙂 These (top & bottom) photos were taken at a receiving area of a wellness center, after having my facial. ♛


*****more styles to come!

Better than Bitter

Time has been flying so fast. We are not getting any younger. Lets live life accordingly. The older we get, the wiser we can be.

We should always be cautious with what we say and do. Sometimes we tend to set aside the feelings of others for our own sake, that is immaturity. A mature person acknowledges his or her own mistakes, and taking into considerations possible corrections. A mature person does not push his limits of making other people suffer from his own misery. A mature person does not take advantage of innocence.

Moreover, a mature person is the one who can truly understand a particular situation, not the situation will understand the person.

Act your age. Don’t ever think that you rule the world, you may be unaware that the world is laughing at you. Be sincere with your deeds. Don’t make a fool out of yourself. Life is short to be bitter, make it worthwhile and better.

    As I intend to do blogs about man’s attitude, I am putting my insights, learnings, and experiences to it as well.

Now, here’s a style I wanna share. My whole outfit establishes color blocking fashion. A black floral shawl for my hijab, green floral jumpsuit from Bayo and a green blazer, and with my red Rusty Lopez sandals. By the way, this ethnic bag is loved, I guess it went well with the whole look. So, what do you think?

*****more styles to come!