Dress and Behave Modestly

As a woman, I longed for the finest. It’s no doubt why some would really spend on fashion. I love shopping. It’s my therapy (ha,ha!). Actually, it’s a treat for myself.

But, fashion is not necessarily and supposedly expensive. You can wear cheap clothes and still looking best. It’s how you mix and match, and how you carry it that makes a difference to the whole thing.

  • Be Well-Dressed and Carry On
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    This is my outfit of the today. #tgif
    I am a Muslim woman wearing Hijab, and I must wear conservative clothing, just like this whole look.

    Wearing a whole flowery green dress, and a green cardigan top.. A black watch and sandals.. Spicing up the whole outfit with a yellow-beaded Hijab…

    *****more styles to come!


    Be your Own Fashion


    20121031-084757.jpgI can be crazy when dressing-up. Anything goes! Color combinations may be risky in fashion, but it’s how you carry yourself that matters. After all, it is a free world. Always dress up according to your taste and mood. Brands and trends are optional. Make a statement. Make your own trademark and fashion!!!

    I flew back to Zamboanga with this look.. Yay or Nyay?

    20121101-093158.jpgParent’s House
    This is our home. I’ve been living here with my parents and siblings.
    I have a separate house now, living with my husband and son (and future offsprings! Insha’Allah!) Alhamdulillah!
    But everyday, i am missing my family 😥

    ~ these are just partial shots of our house.

    Credits to my brother, Kah Ali, for these photos taken at home. How supportive of him on my kaartehan ha, ha! Thank you! 💋

    *****more styles to come!