Ynawat-Hasim Pagturol Taymah 09.09.12

It’s my big bro’s engagement party! 🎎

Kah Ali is the coolest brother ever. He has always been so supportive and caring towards me. And i thank him for all the awesome sibling-love-experiences we share, and still counting. From all those kulitan,and pikunan moments, from those times where he will cover for me, from the agawan of the remote control coz i wanted to watch cooking shows and he wanted basketball, though we have separate tVs still i wanted it in his room not only because i wanted to piss him off haha but also i wanted him as my companion. (ehem! Sabay bawi haha)20121028-091936.jpgWe were the tom & jerry of the house. We quarreled and ran after each other. And i always ended up crying but winning 😜 ‘coz he will be scolded after. You can never win over the favorite !!!! 💪

Meet the gorgeous bride! The woman who captured my brother’s genuine heart 🙂
Stupendous gown huh? Designed by Hja. Arnadel Ynawat-Loong, my ever fabulous sister. 20121028-095226.jpg
Aynee, my dearest, welcome to the family! Stay beautiful. Thank you for loving my brother, and we love you sis! Cheers!!!


    Ali & Aynee: Mickey & Minnie


And meet the Blogger: (sister of the Groom, that’s me!)

20121028-101111.jpg Hey! I may be into fashion but I am not really good in make-ups haha! So here i was, having an artist do this for me. I rarely wear make-up. But I remember when i was still in High School i tried on putting some eye shadows, blush-ons, curling my lashes, and of course one of my beauty essentials –lipstick; however, i do it at night when i am all alone at home and bored.

The finished product. Did it suit me? He he! So, this was my look at my bro’s e-party.. Stunning ayt? Lol.


When elegance calls, wear gold, or anything glittering.. That’s how i put up this WOW style.

This is my modern version of our very own Sablay, a Muslim wardrobe.


photos taken at home. Before we went to the bride’s house..




gifts for the bride and her family

20121028-111158.jpg with my sister, Kah Hji Ann

20121028-111755.jpgwith my sister, and sister-in-law, Kah Nadine

20121028-111810.jpgwith our beloved mum The Original Beautiful.


20121028-112158.jpgphotos taken at home before heading to the bride’s house. I am carrying the dowry.

20121028-112355.jpgwith the handsome groom, Kah Ali



Indeed! A successful event. Alhamdulillah!

  • 20121028-112758.jpg

    *****more styles to come!


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