Fantastic Fantasy

    Just a thought that i wanna share: always be good and do good! Being and Doing this wholeheartedly, not because you need to nor you’re force to. I am not saying this because i am all good. how i wish! Again, i am no perfect. But really i am trying to be almost perfect. Actually, all i want and need is to have a peaceful life, of course who doesn’t? and i know i can attain that through goodness. ✨ Insha’Allah,

Feeling Good. Looking Good.
I am a polkadots lover, and having it on yellow makes it look more groovy. But that’s not all, i add on a black feather earring making the look a fantasy.

Wore this outfit to a hang-out with my brothers and sis-in-law…

This fuchsia pink top is flawlessly match with a big-striped black and white long skirt. To create a touch of vibrance, i combine the yellow, pink, black, and white for this whole outfit. Don’t you love how I mix and match it? 🙂

*****more styles to come!


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