Mickey & Minnie Happily Ever After

Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last. But because two brave people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and to work for it.

The Wedding Day!

Don’t you love weddings? Years back, i was usually one of the bridesmaids, and at times the maid-of-honor. It’s a solemn celebration. The reception is beautifully decorated. Guests are enthusiastically wearing their favorite piece of clothing. The bridal entourage are on their creatively-designed gowns and suits. Finally, the bridal gown — it defines the personality of the bride: How imaginative and innovative a woman can be. For a fashionista like me, I am always longing for the details of the event. After all, you expect the best because it’s a prepared and organized occasion. Right?!

This time, it’s my brother’s turn..

September 22, 2012

The long-wait is so over. It’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse BIG Day!!

Meet MICKEY20121028-155420.jpg
20121028-151042.jpgwith the Groom. Minutes before he walked down the aisle .20121028-151524.jpg
And there he goes.. With the tune of Marry Me by Train for the background music

Meet MINNIE20121028-152057.jpg20121028-153718.jpgwith the tune of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz while she was walking along the aisle20121028-155025.jpg20121028-155031.jpgHere comes the Bride, all dressed in Champagne White? i love! ❤

Credits to my ever fabulous and adoring sister, Madame Hji. Arnadel Ynawat-Loong, for this unique and uncustomary bridal gown.

This gown is just perfect for the bride — classy, extra-ordinary, and one of a kind. Exactly Aynee!


Meet the Blogger/Fashion & Hijab Stylist
20121028-161008.jpg Yey! I Love my look.. How i wish i could do this on my own, i know one day, and that’s for sure! 20121028-161245.jpg20121028-161316.jpg
The “so-me” gown.
Fabulous. Glamorous. And Rocking the event with this all-sequins bloody red gown, plus that gold belt made it highly-fashionable. 20121028-162219.jpg

Meet my Handsome and all-Loving King20121028-163229.jpgI am in love with this amazing man.
A perfect match made in Heaven. 20121028-164523.jpg
My ideal guy: He is very loving, charming, thoughtful, sweetest, and most of all, he is my husband. I am lucky to have you. Thank you for everything! I love you to infinity and beyond.


Meet my endearing Prince: the little Me
My Pride and Joy. He completes me. I love you, son!

By the way, he is the Coin Bearer.

The Cutest, Coolest, Most Gorgeous Family everrrrr.

The greatest gift, Allah SWT, bestowed upon me —my Family.

Meet the Folks
20121029-063328.jpgparents of the bride & groom20121029-065906.jpg

20121029-065916.jpgsisters in red. 💃20121029-063654.jpgwith my dazzling sister, she was not around during the Pagturol Taymah coz she was still in Manila then. By the way, she’s a Doctor, and SINGLE! Hahaha. Peace!20121029-064338.jpgwith Doc Farah & Kah Nadine

20121029-064806.jpgwith Kah Nadine, one of my confidants. She is a good listener. Stay loving Kah!

20121029-064830.jpgwith our kiddos, Haaziq and Nazeefah (flower girl)

20121029-062538.jpgthe Marching Band haha! Bridal Entourage from Ynawat family

20121029-062516.jpgwith some of the Barako men of the Ynawat clan hihi


20121029-094531.jpgwith the kindest mother-in-law in the world 🙂


my pretty niece, Ydexha, one of the flower girls20121029-095249.jpgwith Sulu Representative, Cong. Lady Ann Sahidulla

To the newly-weds: May you have a fruitful marriage ahead of you. Enjoy each other’s company, every single day. Love love love!!!

*****more styles to come!


Ynawat-Hasim Pagturol Taymah 09.09.12

It’s my big bro’s engagement party! 🎎

Kah Ali is the coolest brother ever. He has always been so supportive and caring towards me. And i thank him for all the awesome sibling-love-experiences we share, and still counting. From all those kulitan,and pikunan moments, from those times where he will cover for me, from the agawan of the remote control coz i wanted to watch cooking shows and he wanted basketball, though we have separate tVs still i wanted it in his room not only because i wanted to piss him off haha but also i wanted him as my companion. (ehem! Sabay bawi haha)20121028-091936.jpgWe were the tom & jerry of the house. We quarreled and ran after each other. And i always ended up crying but winning 😜 ‘coz he will be scolded after. You can never win over the favorite !!!! 💪

Meet the gorgeous bride! The woman who captured my brother’s genuine heart 🙂
Stupendous gown huh? Designed by Hja. Arnadel Ynawat-Loong, my ever fabulous sister. 20121028-095226.jpg
Aynee, my dearest, welcome to the family! Stay beautiful. Thank you for loving my brother, and we love you sis! Cheers!!!


    Ali & Aynee: Mickey & Minnie


And meet the Blogger: (sister of the Groom, that’s me!)

20121028-101111.jpg Hey! I may be into fashion but I am not really good in make-ups haha! So here i was, having an artist do this for me. I rarely wear make-up. But I remember when i was still in High School i tried on putting some eye shadows, blush-ons, curling my lashes, and of course one of my beauty essentials –lipstick; however, i do it at night when i am all alone at home and bored.

The finished product. Did it suit me? He he! So, this was my look at my bro’s e-party.. Stunning ayt? Lol.


When elegance calls, wear gold, or anything glittering.. That’s how i put up this WOW style.

This is my modern version of our very own Sablay, a Muslim wardrobe.


photos taken at home. Before we went to the bride’s house..




gifts for the bride and her family

20121028-111158.jpg with my sister, Kah Hji Ann

20121028-111755.jpgwith my sister, and sister-in-law, Kah Nadine

20121028-111810.jpgwith our beloved mum The Original Beautiful.


20121028-112158.jpgphotos taken at home before heading to the bride’s house. I am carrying the dowry.

20121028-112355.jpgwith the handsome groom, Kah Ali



Indeed! A successful event. Alhamdulillah!

  • 20121028-112758.jpg

    *****more styles to come!

    Fantastic Fantasy

      Just a thought that i wanna share: always be good and do good! Being and Doing this wholeheartedly, not because you need to nor you’re force to. I am not saying this because i am all good. how i wish! Again, i am no perfect. But really i am trying to be almost perfect. Actually, all i want and need is to have a peaceful life, of course who doesn’t? and i know i can attain that through goodness. ✨ Insha’Allah,

    Feeling Good. Looking Good.
    I am a polkadots lover, and having it on yellow makes it look more groovy. But that’s not all, i add on a black feather earring making the look a fantasy.

    Wore this outfit to a hang-out with my brothers and sis-in-law…

    This fuchsia pink top is flawlessly match with a big-striped black and white long skirt. To create a touch of vibrance, i combine the yellow, pink, black, and white for this whole outfit. Don’t you love how I mix and match it? 🙂

    *****more styles to come!