A Fusion of Red & Stripes


My first post in my newest blog. So, how shall i start? Quite wondering what to say here, and as far as i remember if i am in a well-founded mood i can be dramatic and poetic. However, when i get lazy and lousy, i can be non sense when writing. Ha, ha!

BUT, i am not here to impress readers of my writing skills. Big NO! I am to express myself, and my love for fashion. ❤💄

My first style to share:


A long, black dress with a black and white striped blazer incorporated with my red hijab…
This calls out to people who love to combine color and style. These different elements, when mixed together, worn together, suited perfectly. So don’t be afraid to explore your taste on styling, it even exposes you to your own creativity.

I wore this whole outfit on a visit to the doctor. It may be a simple venue for this garb, it does not hinder me from wearing it. As long as i look good and fabulous, then i am all for it.


•••••more styles to come!


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